Company trips

Do you want a different and exciting company trip is Hemsedal the perfect choice! All season have their possibilities and exciting surprises. Regardless of it is a small trip or a large kick off, we can help you to plan and organize your stay in Hemsedal.

We know Hemsedal well and all the different Hemsedal has to offer. We can customize the trip after your wishes and budget. Choose if you want a full package with accommodation, activities, dinning and transportation or just some of them.

Contact us by email or phone +47 35 05 53 18 and we will send you a non-binding offer according to your wishes.

Below you can see suggestions on different programs we have organized earlier.

Examples of programs that we have had for different groups


One day program
Example 1:
10.00-11.00: Single trip with Mountain Cart
12.00-15.00: Lunch with local food and Teambuilding.
20.00: Dinner (restaurant or catering)

Example 2:
10.00-13.00: River Snorkeling in Hemsila
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-17.30: Via Ferrata
19.00: Dinner (restaurant or catering)

Example 3:
10.00-13.00: Climbing activities in a climbing tower
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00: Single trip with Mountain Cart
18.00: Dinner (restaurant or catering)

Weekend/Several days
Example 1:
Day 1:
17.00: Arrive Hemsedal and check in at cabin/hotel
19.00: Dinner (restaurant or catering to the cabin)

Day 2:
10.00-13.00: Via Ferrata
13.00-15.00: Local barbeque lunch followed by Teambuilding
18.00: Dinner (restaurant or catering to the cabin)

Day 3:
10.00-13.00: Downhill biking
13.00: Lunch followed by departure

Example 2:
Day 1:
16.00-18.30: Arrive at Hemsedal and first activity: Teambuilding
19.00: Check in at cabin/hotel
20.00: Dinner at restaurant

Day 2:
08.00-09.30: Breakfast
10.00-13.00: River snorkeling
13.00-14.00: Barbeque lunch based on local products
14.00-16.00: Climbing activities in a climbing tower
18.00: Dinner

Day 3:
08.00-09.30: Breakfast
10.00-12.00: Two trips with Mountain Cart
13.00: Lunch followed by departure.


One day program
Example 1:
09.30: Transportation from Hemsedal Skisenter to Hemsedal Snowmobilerental
10.15-11.30: 60 minutes snowmobile driving with a break where you get something warm to drink (coffee, homemade glüwein)
11.45: Transportation from Hemsedal Skisenter to Hemsedal Skisenter
14.00: Lunch with drinks in the Skisenter followed by Afterski

Example 2:
09.00: Transportation from Hemsedal Skisenter to Hemsedal Huskies
09.30-12.30: Dogsledding with Hemsedal Huskies (the dog sledding tour is approx 1 hour).
12.30: Transportation from Hemsedal Huskies to Hemsedal Snowmobilerental
13.00: Lunch in the “gapahuk” at Hemsedal Snowmobilerental followed by snowmobile driving (60 or 30 minutes).
14.30: Transportation from Hemsedal Snowmobilerental to Hemsedal Skissenter
15.00. Some food followed by afterski
20.00: Dinner at restaurant.

Weekend/several days
Example 1, approx. 70 persons:
Day 1: 
18.00: The group is being picked up at Gol Trainstation and driven to check in at hotel/cabins followed by dinner. 

Day 2:
10.00: Giant Slalom Competition
13.00: Lunch at your own location at one of the restaurants
15.30: Reserved table at afteski
18.30: Transportation from Afterski to the hotel/cabins
20.00: Transportation from hotel/cabins to the restaurant
20.15: Dinner at restaurant
02.15: Transportation from restaurant back to the hotel/cabins

Day 3:
12.00: Departure Hemsedal with own bus. Baggett’s, snacks and drinks on the bus to everyone.

Example 2, approx. 20 people
Day 1:
18.00: Arrive Hemsedal and check in. Use of group rooms before dinner at restaurant at 20.00.

Day 2:
08.00-09.00: Breakfast
09.00-12.00: Meeting room with coffee/tea/water/fruit
13.00: Lunch
Skiing for those who wish to do so
16.15-17.45: Sledding top to bottom
18.00: Meeting room with coffee/tea/water/fruit
20.00: Dinner at restaurant

Day 3:
08.00-09.00: Breakfast
09.00-10.00: Meeting room with coffee/tea/water/fruit
10.00-11.30/12.00: Teambuilding
12.00-13.00: Meeting room with coffee/tea/water/fruit
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00: Meeting room with coffee/tea/water/fruit
15.00: Departure from Hemsedal

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