About us

Hemsedal Aktiv SA is a corporate network owned by its members as of today (May 2017); Hemsedal Huskies & Hemsedal Sykkelutleie, Fjellsentralen AS, Hemsedal Hestesenter, Hemsedal Snøscooterutleie, Helselaben, Hemsedal Fjellsport, Skistar Hemsedal avd. Skischool and Fjellfrisk.

Hemsedal Aktiv deliver high quality experiences all year round, and contribute to profitable, sustainable and innovative activity companies in Hemsedal. 

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Hemsedal Aktiv

Hemsedal Veksthus(tourist office), 3560 HEMSEDAL

Post adress: Postboks 101, 3561 HEMSEDAL

+47 483 86 018