Summer news: Guided hike to Høgeloft 1920 masl

Starting this summer you have the opportunity to have a guide with you to Hemsedal’s highest peak, Høgeloft. Høgeloft is 1920 meters above sea level with views over Hemsedalsfjella and Jotunheimen.

This is a full day hike where you start bicycling on the dirt road from the parking place and into the foot of the mountain. Bicycle is included in the price of the trip. The hike is a part of Topp 20 Hemsedal, but is not clearly marked all the way.

The guided tours will be on Thursdays with meeting at 10.00 between these dates: 13.07-10.08. The price is NOK 950,- incl bike rental and guide. If you want to use your own bicycle, you can of course do that. Price with own bicycle is NOK 850,-.

The hike to Høgeloft is a black graded tour and is a demanding hike. It is 800 meters altitude, from 1120 masl to 1920 masl. The hike is 12,1 kilometers and takes approx 7,5 hours. In the beginning there is an old tracto road that we will use the bicycle on. After about 4,5 kilometers we have reached the path and start walking on foot. From the cut and to the top there is a rocky and not clearly marked path.

The recommended age limit is 12 years and you should have normal fitness in order to complete the trip.

You have to carry a backpack that should contain food, sitting pad, drink (water) and extra clothes. It is recommended to wear mountain boots (not running shoes) for this trip.